The recent enactment of the national prohibition promises to bring great change to St Louis, prosperous breweries and distilleries struggle to survive by export using the either the cities busy river port or the rail but it’s tough now in one of St Louis’ industries. Some move into the world of underground industry, filling the void or the cups as it were.

The Brujah who took the passing of the Bill as a personal affront afforded to them by Ventrue politics, moved faster than their more hidebound colleagues to take the lions share of this new business. Certainly they are better posed to defend their new interests and with St Louis being ideally located centrally means illegal booze flows easily as the rivers into the city.

Especially with the attention of Prince Adam Lemp, a Brujah, he was the founder of the biggest of St Louis breweries, embraced during a fight between Sabbat and Gangral of the swamps when he was out in the backwaters considering a distilling arm to the business back in the mid 1800s. He fought from the moment of his embrace to beat back the Sabbat, before the Bill was placed into force there were rumours of the Prince aligning with the anarchs to ensure his reign.

Our new kindred are invited to make their fame and fortune in St Louis.

Meet Me At St Louis

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