Ben - Session One - Making Plans

‘Even if you have good reason, if you go around hating everyone they’ll just hate you back’, De Luca shrugged off Ben’s arm and headed for the exit of the speakeasy.

Ben sighed and bidding the others goodnight headed out himself.

Exiting the lift he opened the door to his penthouse and was greeted by the sound of a gramophone.

Entering the sitting room he saw Maggie, feet tucked up under her on the sofa. There was a bottle and a glass plus her shoes on the floor beside her, ‘Good evening?’, ‘so so’, Ben responded; hanging his jacket on a chair before changing the record and joining her on the sofa.

While certainly not drunk she was possibly borderline tipsy.

’What’s the matter?’ she asked snuggling into his shoulder. ‘Just this missing liquor’, ‘oh, I checked out the speakeasies you asked about’, ‘and?’, ‘Nothing unusual’, she shook her head, ‘Damn, that means we’re definitely headed into the swamps tomorrow; we’ll need a boat, one that doesn’t require trained crew and not too big though it needs to carry four, can you ask around and see what’s recommended, pay what you need to but don’t seem too keen’, ‘I know what I’m doing’, she looked up at him and gave him a smile which he returned.

‘A boat for four? Is Giles sending some people with you?’, Ben shook his head, ‘sadly not, just the others the Prince has charged with this task’, ‘others? Like you?’, ‘well yes Kindred if that’s what you mean, Reggis, a musician who owns the speakeasy of the same name, Louise who Giles tells me was involved in women’s suffrage when she was mortal and now?‘, he pauses before continuing, ’I’m not sure actually, and finally De Luca, an ex policeman who makes you seem like an oasis of calm’, ‘hey!’, she looks up at him and grins, ‘never mind him, what about Louise, is she pretty?’, Ben feels her tense up , ‘no, not particularly, not like you’, she smiles and visibly relaxes.

‘You might want to check out Reggis’s place one evening, the music’s good, you might even be able to do a couple of numbers, I’ve heard you singing along with the gramophone’ Maggie laughs, ‘gee, I didn’t realise you listened!‘, ’You’re not exactly quiet!

Ben gently slaps her thigh and rises from the sofa picking up his jacket and removing a small notebook from one of the pockets. He tears out a page and hands it to Maggie, ‘speaking of which can you call Ed tomorrow and get him to send someone to see these guys and give them a good write up if they deserve it of course’, ‘no problem boss!’, Maggie gives an exaggerated salute as Ben laughs, before rising from the sofa and padding over to a desk, placing the note under a paperweight.

‘Maggie’, she turned to look at Ben who had a suddenly serious look on his face, ‘if anyone other than me offers you blood you are not to take it ok?, ’Ok’, ‘promise?’, ‘I promise’, ‘good’, she was relieved to see the smile return to his face as he glanced at his wristwatch, ‘good girls bed time I think’, Maggie pouts and swishes her skirt, ‘how about bad girls?, ’Definitely! Bed!’ Ben throws out an arm and points towards the bedroom.

Ben - Session One - Making Plans

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