Bay Leaf Smoke

The chanting wound down, the words swirling in the air fading, the smell of burning leaves replaced slowly by the eddies of air brought in by leaving feet and then, as the door closed, a sigh of relief…

The shadows moved as he stepped out, walking the room with care of the symbols written and doused the ashes of the coals then turning he banished the symbols with a negligent wave of his hand. Carefully he approached his Sire and lifted her from the chair, his reward was a wane smile. “These are harsh on you, you should let me help more.” His words unnecessary as the gentle smile of refusal that tempered her words to him, “Meyer still will not allow it my child and I confess that I am not upset by his judgement.” A motherly caress to his cheek as he continued to carry her to their chambers, “We have other plans for you.”

The evenings work left his sire unable to stand, her thin body racked by tremors of the aftermath of the ritual and so not for the first time he bathed her to remove the linger smoke and its thrall. Once she entered the room from her personal chamber clothed in her white robes he handed her a glass and then focused his attention on the cards arranged around the cushions he sat on. Feeling her sit behind him, he smiled and listened to her lesson as the Sire taught her child further of the mysteries and each card danced.

“I hear that Thomas is more than pleased with his new apprentice, where did you find him?” Her voice softly breaking his concentration on the cards in front of them, “On the streets, nearly missed him but the portents were strong.” A pause as he looked at his sire side wards as she leant on her arms watching him, “He will outstrip Thomas, but…” “He is the right one, a guiding hand for the new chantry when it arises.” A shared smile, “Yes." “Show me the vision.” Taking her hand, they both relaxed back and repeated the words to bind.

The cards lay forgotten as they both watch the stars fall and rise within their shared vision.

Bay Leaf Smoke

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