Meet Me At St Louis

Chapter 2 - Quantentheorie

“We have seen the evil of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors in our midst; let us try prohibition and see what this will do for us.”

The prohibition meant moonshine and organised crime fell hand in hand, our young kindred and have found that out already alongside with the darker turn the Sabbat give it. Unfortunately this isn’t even the tip of it.

Chapter 1: Rum Runner
“We want to direct (Pro-Prohibition advocates) to the pretzel. Is there anything inherently vicious in the pretzel? They may ask. Possibly not. But its traditions, environment, and associations are sinister. One might say, bar sinister. In the pure, delectable world which the prohibition philosophy conceives, there is no niche for the pretzel… the pretzel must go.”

A sarcastic editorial in the January 15, 1920, St. Louis Post Dispatch making fun of Prohibition advocates’ stance that alcohol was the source of all immoral behavior

Introducing the characters and performing a service

Our young kindred have all been introduced to the court and on the Prince’s request performed a small service to him.

DeLuca seems determined to get under everyone’s skin, including rebuffing many polite overtures to him, oddly this isn’t working on either side.

Ben’s mentor was useful in the clean up operation, of course it benefited him, Maggie has revealed that her contacts may not be the local church choir in her ease f getting hold of weaponry.

Louise discovered that dancing in a speakeasy is easier than punting a speedboat in the swamps

And Reggie made some money at his bar.

Questions of note:
Why didn’t the Gangral in the swamps get involved?
and just why couldn’t DeLuca buy the boon that his mentor used?

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